James Collins

Digital Project Manager

Picture of team fighting a fire


Creativity. Unique work requires skilled and restless people. Creative digital teams are made from eager idealists. PMs should be equally diligent in advocating creativity throughout their team and to every client.


Empathy. Worthwhile projects stir creative problem-solvers. Managing digital work is about advocating client needs while being your team's champion. Binding teammates to clear business purpose invites empathetic and innovative thinking.


Relationships. Great projects attract great people. Resourceful PMs are partners with their team rather than disconnected taskmasters. Effective teams are ferociously respectful of, and inherently motivated by, one another.



Great work comes from an engaged team with real investment and control over the final solution. PMs should help teammates discern where their efforts are most valuable.

I love work that chases individuality, orbits a clear purpose, inspires teammates, and actually benefits from my experience. By day, I work for eHouse Studio, a marketing and UX shop in sunny Charleston, SC.

Get to sketching

2014 FEB

Sketching is something we are all capable of. If you're skeptical or intimidated by taking up the pencil, here are a few tips on getting ideas out of your head and into your hands.

Simple, easy, at a glance

2014 JAN

Data is less useful to users than we think. Yet, nearly every feature built into consumer budgeting software assumes "the facts" are a revelation, and users will know what to do with them.

Losing a great client

2013 OCT

It wasn't a high-paying gig but it was interesting, challenging, and beautiful. But, I got eager and lost perspective. I didn't deliver the best of my value. And mistakes started happening.